Sunday, 30 September 2012


Wow. Have a read of the following link...It certainly pulled at a few heartstrings and at times I felt a little uncomfortable reading it. Yet, it brings to light the situation care can be in without the right funding and cut backs.It also highlights what a true carer is like,its all in the name...carer.

The question a careworker, have you ever felt that no matter how often you report back the reality of a situation nothing seems to get done or it takes longer than it should? It is frustrating and then there is all the 'we have to pass it onto...' who isn't in the office and when they do get to deal with it a few days later you find out they have had to pass it on to some else and so on ,and so on...! You get the picture. Just to end my little rant....These are peoples lives you have the privilege to be a part of, they are NOT a number,they are NOT a file,they are NOT a statistic. Care is needed NOW, not when there is a WINDOW in the diary.

Uncaring Britain: One despairing care worker's account of this country's ...
Daily Mail
Carers like me visit once or several times a day to provide help with dressing, washing, meals, cleaning, shopping and medical care, enabling the frail and the needy to retain their last bit of independence by keeping them out of care homes for as long ...

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