Friday, 28 September 2012


I have come across these great tips for managing stress through the following link

Take a look and see what you think.

I recognise a lot of the 'tools' which I have used over the years and very often not aware at the time of what I am doing!!! They have helped.

One of my affirmations each day when Im particularly low and anxious is,'God,nothing is going to happen today, that You and I can't handle together.' 

A snippet of the tips suggested to use on

1) Focus on your breathing
2) Use the power of visualisation
3) Take a break from your hectic schedule and find time for yourself.
4) Smile a lot  
5) Get some physical exercise on a regular basis. 
6) Go out there and spend some quality time with nature.
7) Grow self-awareness
8) Pay attention to what you’re thinking about and how it is affecting you. 
9) Spend more time with your family and friends.
10) Go ahead and play indoor or outdoor games that interest you
11) Try out affirmations as they are great to make you feel positive from the inside out.
12) Stop complaining and start fighting what’s bothering you.
13) Empty your thoughts on paper. 
14) Learn to say “no” 
15) If you’re worrying about taking a decision which is bringing in stress then simply ask yourself – what’s the worse that could happen?
16) Get more organized
17) Make sure you’re getting ample amount of sleep
18) Know who you are and value your uniqueness, your individuality.
19) Prepare for what’s going to come.
20) Become good at time management 

Give yourself five minutes to have a look!

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