Saturday, 8 December 2012

SCOPE...“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Have had a lovely conversation with a gentleman from SCOPE today. Sadly, i'm not in a position at the moment to commit each month financially to this wonderful cause.However,  he did agree that it would be ok for me to put something on the blog. True to my word ,here it is. My gift to you...awareness,pass it on.
 “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi

SCOPE, what are they all their own words, this is what they do

'... We're all about changing society for the better, so that disabled people and their families can have the same opportunities as everyone else.
We work with disabled people and their families at every stage of their lives. We offer practical support – from information services to education and everyday care.
We challenge assumptions about disability, we influence decision makers and we show what can be possible.
Everything we do is about creating real and lasting positive change in individual lives and in the world around us. We believe that together we can create a better society.'

Now,as professional carers,you and I all know just how close to home the reality of all these families go through on a daily basis.
I freely admit that it wasn't until I became a carer in the community that I realised the huge scale of help and support required.Too often we acknowledge difficulties but tend to think that it is happening somewhere else.

So, lets stop this 'not in my backyard' approach and do what we can to help.

When it comes to donations it is a personal choice and Im sure that if we were in a healthy financial position many charities would benefit.

Choosing your charity is also a very personal choice and that is respected.

On this occasion, I would just like for you to get familiar with SCOPE.There are many ways you can help, and there is a fantastic support network in place.

Take a look at this link for more information

Keep us close

Join our campaign to get better local support for disabled children and their families

Services for disabled people and their families

Our services are designed to support disabled people in England and Wales throughout their lives.

A mum with her babyHelp and information

Local Disability Advice and Information Lines (DIALs) and Scope Response offer the best combination of local knowledge and national disability expertise.

A girlEducation and learning

We offer disabled people education and learning opportunities tailored to their needs and abilities.

A man playing snookerShort breaks  

Our flexible options include after school schemes, support in the home and support in the community.

A smiling manResidential care and supported independent living

We offer solutions ranging from residential and small group homes to supported independent living schemes.

A smiling manEmployment and training

We never set limits on disabled people’s potential. Find out about the range of employment opportunities we offer.


Scope charity shops raise millions of pounds to fund our work with disabled people and their families.
We have nearly 250 shops selling a range of good-quality items to suit all budgets. You never know what you might find in our charity shops!
Our charity Christmas cards are now in store!
There are lots of ways to help your local Scope shop:
A Scope shopRecycling and donating goods to our shops
Every bag you fill up is worth £20 to us. It's a great way to recycle and to support our work.

A Scope volunteerVolunteer with us
By giving your time you can really help - there are lots of ways to get involved. Watch the video "Volunteers for Scope Charity Shops" on YouTube.

A member of staffWork with us
Find out why we're a good employer and a great place to work!

A Scope shopFind your local Scope shop
Use our shop finder to get details of your local shop or call 0870 120 4120 for more information.

However you choose to help us, thank you.

So ,there you have it.Go and visit their site, its well worth it and very informative.Thanks everyone.

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