Friday, 15 March 2013

You are doing just fine!

Its March already,where does the time go?

Its so easy sometimes to loose track of carry on doing what you do each day and all of a sudden you realise that so much time has passed.

Caring, can be the same and depending on who you work for ,the shift patterns (although you love what you do) can take its toll. All of a sudden you are grasping onto the moment when it is your day off and you can have a lie in!

With me it was every other weekend off. Not so bad.However , many don't realise the time you start , finish oh and did I mention you have to see to your own family as well.

A typical day would be up at 530am to get myself ready and out the door ,allow for travel time and be at first visit for 7. In and out of visits till about 2,phone goes and you get called back out, get back home do bits and pieces before you know it ,you are getting ready to go back out for the night run and probably won't get back till about 1030ish on the night.An hour to unwind,bed about midnight up again at 5.30am.
You get the picture.

Yet, it is still the most rewarding job to do.Tiring,definately,but most rewarding.

Once again, these silent angels run around the community and no one really notices.

I do. You bring life into the homes of so many and spread light in the darkest  of moments.

From the Heart....THANK YOU.xx

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