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I have always believed that people you meet through life appear for a reason, at the right time.You see, I feel there is always something new to learn and try to take from each situation insight,understanding and new awareness.

Quite recently, I found myself chatting to a lady in America (via a forum which has nothing to do with care).Cutting a long story short, I mentioned to her the Carers Coffee Pot and the reasoning behind it. She had a read and got back to me. Oh my, she hit the nail on the head!!!

So, before I begin, I want to thank her for 'appearing at the right time'......and share with you an excerpt from her reply....

...' Being a caregiver myself as a Social Worker for 30 years in different settings (now Private Practice Counseling) I think your blog is trying to address something I've seen getting increased discussion among professionals here =

1. "Compassion Fatigue"... which is when caregivers and helping professionals get worn down and give so much compassion that it starts to drag them down and wear them out.

2. "Vicarious PTSD" ... which is when a caregiver or helping professional is exposed to something pretty awful through trying to help the person it happened to. The caregiver/professional begins to have similar, but lesser symptoms of PTSD because we are so closely involved in the trauma.

I agree very much that these are real issues for all of us who provide care in any way, professionally or as family. I'm glad it's starting to get looked at. I think when we are not physically well our own selves that's just one more layer of being drained that we have to deal with.'

Does this ring a bell or two for you?

Carers Coffee Pot is for all of us who are, or have been, involved in care from whatever level. It is about you the carer. The ups and the downs but more so, how events affect you. I can only go on my own experiences which I have no problem in sharing with you.

In particular, a post I made last year, explains a situation I found myself in.

As ever, I look back,and knowing what I know now...It makes me wonder...Compassion Fatigue eh?! seams to make sense, now I can give it a label!

Seek and you will find...Google it! 

There is so much information out there but here are a few sites I have looked at...

 Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project explains what it is all about in a way you can relate to. Looking at what the symptons are,showing a way out of it, a wellness plan and resources available to you.

What caught my eye was this.. 

'When Compassion Fatigue hits critical mass in the workplace, the organization itself suffers. Chronic absenteeism, spiraling Worker's Comp costs, high turnover rates, friction between employees, and friction between staff and management are among organizational symptoms that surface, creating additional stress on workers'.

Once again, I thought Yep, that sounds so familiar. As an outsider looking in, it really does give a clearer picture.

These are some of the symptons recognised within an organisation,

'Organizational symptoms of Compassion Fatigue inlcude:

• High absenteeism

• Constant changes in co-workers relationships

• Inability for teams to work well together

• Desire among staff members to break company rules

• Outbreaks of aggressive behaviors among staff

• Inability of staff to complete assignments and tasks

• Inability of staff to respect and meet deadlines

• Lack of flexibility among staff members

• Negativism towards management

• Strong reluctance toward change

• Inability of staff to believe improvement is possible

• Lack of a vision for the future'

I really do suggest you take a look at what they have to say. It certainly makes alot of things fall into place.

 And I would like to end this post with the following quota I came across the other day.xx


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