Tuesday, 24 December 2013


I was going to go all out and send a big Merry Christmas but I paused a while...

Of course I wish merriment, love, warmth, good health...  however, I would like to think it is something I would do on any day.

Right now, I just want to bear a thought for those who struggle with the heightened emotion surrounded by this time of year. Loss, ill health, loneliness,  any kind of struggle which  doesn't stop for one day because it is Christmas. It can and does carry on.

I recall staying longer within a visit on one Christmas. Simply because she was on her own, family too far away (all of about a half hour car trip) . She was in her nineties and sat with a withered tree, one present and to be honest she was revisiting Christmas past as best she could.
It was lunchtime and I asked when would she usually open her gift...the morning, but today she couldn't do it,not on her own.
I stayed, and together we sat and I watched her open her present. A tin of sweets. She talked, I listened and between us we recalled Christmas's from different eras and shared festive memories.
By the time I left, she appeared brighter and ready for the traditional Queens speech.
Sadly, it turned out later in the year, it had been her last Christmas.

The ironic thing was, at the time I too was living on my own but quite happy to spend Christmas on my own. I still cooked a meal, set the table, had a cracker and loved having the Christmas lights on and soft music in the background. I always phoned family and everything..for me.. was a happy time.

Yes, I would work over the Christmas period and like many would strive to bring a little bit of happiness into each visit.

I have seen the struggles and heartache many go through and I know happiness...so it just remains for me to now wish you  all love and say thank you to those who carry on,  to those who support and especially to YOU. x

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