Saturday, 19 May 2012

This really is for YOU!

This blog aims to be used as somewhere for community support workers  to be able to offload any fears, bad days, difficulties, emotions etc that they feel shouldn't be said because its not the thing to do!

We are only human and unfortunately a carer in whatever capacity is expected to reach their limits and yet ,still keep on going.

Sometimes that judgement is put upon ourselves ,by ourselves…and so it remains that at some point there comes a time when you just have to admit ’ today is a difficult day and this is why…’

Community support workers, care assistants, whatever your title may be, I hope you will feel comfortable enough to offload here. There are no judgements, just a place where you need not fear expressing what is going on for you.

You never know, combined experiences may be able to offer help, guidance,understanding and friendship

With all this in mind, it is advised that you respect the confidentiality and privacy of those you may write about.

Do not use real names or places or anything that would identify a person.

It s advised that you use a nickname for yourself so that your privacy is also protected.

Any offending content will be rejected.

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