Saturday, 19 May 2012

Where's you bin?!!!!!!

I'm stood there with a squeezed tea bag on the spoon, my other hand cupped underneath to catch any drips and my head poking round the door, 'Where's your bin Gertie?'  The reply.....'oh, i've bin to the day centre today!!!!!'

This captures it all for me. Visiting in the community over the years has always been such a pleasure. Yes there are tears and sadness but there is always someone who unexpectedly brings a warm glowing smile to my face.

I will never forget my first day as a carer. Waiting for the colleague I would shadow for a couple of weeks.I had been for the training and now this was it...the reality of it all.Was I cut out for this?

 I soon found out to my delight that yes I was.By the end of the day I felt proud to be part of a team of kind, genuine and sincere people.

Carers in any capacity (and in my opinion) are the silent angels of this world. They do what they do with no expectation of a thank you. When you do get a thank you, its hard to accept but you know those two words are speaking volumes.

One thing I always kept in mind with each new visit was that each person had a story to tell. Its easy to forget or not recognise that these gentlemen and ladies have been teenagers,courting couples, mothers and fathers they have been through it all.

And so, at the beginning of this blogs journey I would like to dedicate the following verse to all those I've had the pleasure to visit over the years.....


This quiet Dust was Gentlemen and Ladies
And Lads and Girls -
Was laughter and ability and Sighing
And Frocks and Curls -
This Passive Place a Summer’s nimble Mansion
Where Bloom and Bees
Fulfilled their Oriental Circuit
Then ceased, like these.
- Emily Dickinson.

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