Monday, 30 July 2012

Carers Support.

Where do I start with this one?

As a professional carer I always felt that the recognition was never there. The skills and care of each member took for granted . Being asked what I did for a living ;at times; got the ' conversation stopper treatment',  almost a   'you get paid to do it and it is just a job, low on the rankings.' How wrong!!

I always felt very proud of what I did and would send such an attitude a silent blessing.It is a position of great privilege and a 'job' which you have to want to do. My advice to anyone thinking it is an easy option to earn a couple of pounds would be ,don't do it!

Choice is something that we all have, however there are situations in our lives which make it quite difficult to decide. Never more so than for those caring for their own loved ones 24/7 365!!

 I have had a read of the forum at carers uk and have to say how heartbreaking, yet inspiring the comments are. All carers and all supporting each other.

It has given me a deeper insight into how they must feel,cope and manage their situations. One emotion I had not given much thought to, was the guilt a person was feeling for not being able to cope with the care and keeping a young family together...courageous to write about it and phenomenal, non patronising support given from others.

Carers uk is full of wonderful tips and guidance and well worth looking at.

Its good to know its there.

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