Friday, 3 August 2012

WHISTLEBLOWING ...continued!

I had a very encourageable reponse in pageviews and comments regarding the whistleblowing post made back in june.

I have come across this article which is in favour of encouraging whistleblowing and thought you might find it an interesting read too...

'....Whistleblowing is not a dirty word — but the acts it prevents or puts an end to most certainly are. No organization, regardless of size, can afford not to encourage it. Every incident needs to be investigated thoroughly. Everyone needs to know it’s safe to speak up.
If your organization isn’t embracing a culture that supports the reporting of wrongdoing, then it has willingly exposed an Achilles heel. It’s only a matter of when, not if, it will feel the consequences....'


  1. Hi, following my recent whistleblowing report in a Residential home that I worked in,it led to a disciplinary for the person concerned, who consquently lost her job, staff have been retrained and Management are now more visible in the home. All it needed was for one person to speak up to get things changed.

  2. Thats wonderful to hear. It takes a lot of courage and soul searching to do what you did.It is a tough call. Ultimately, it is the welfare of the residents at stake here.Sometimes it is forgotten that although they are in a residential home, it is still their 'home' and respect and duty of care should always apply wherever your 'home' may be. You did the right thing,well done.

  3. Well, what can I say, once again it has been proven people will not whistle blow on bad practice. I recently heard that an illegal move was used by two carers to reposition an elderly lady in her chair. This move was witnessed by two others who by not recording as evidence and reporting to the relevant managers condone this practice and will allow it to continue. Their reasons for not reporting were "but the carers are nice and I don't want to get them in trouble" and " they did it for quickness as they were busy". Sorry, but those reasons are not good enough, it's about time bad practice was stopped and that means you must report it when you see it. Don't sit on the fence and leave it to someone else. It's never too late, so report it NOW.

    1. Frustrating to hear this still goes on and sadly it does. You are right, it is only by reporting to managers bad practice can be dealt with....and they do need to follow it through! I think its awful to hear 'they did it for quickness as they were busy'. !!! No visit should be a rush, no person you are visiting should be made that they are doing the carers a favour. Each person is equal, and maybe if schedules are getting a bit tight...more assistance should be brought in?!!!