Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Benevolent fund?For you?Now you know!

 Something I didn't know was out there,thought I'd pass it on! It just might come in handy one day!



" The Care Professionals Benevolent Fund (CPBF) is the national registered charity for care workers in the UK. We support current, former and retired care professionals by providing assistance to relieve financial hardship and sickness.
Launched in 2009 with the support of 15 founding care group members, the charity is the safety net for those in our industry who are suffering or experi-encing life changing circumstances.
The CPBF is there for the people who work in care homes and domiciliary care in the UK when nobody else is. Within this sponsorship pack there are lots of opportunities to show your support to the industry that cares. Please will you help us help those who spend their life caring for others?

Who cares for the carers? We do."

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