Monday, 25 June 2012

WHISTLEBLOWING! Do you,don't you?!!!!!

I know you may well be looking at this with a sidewards glance and wincing but it does need to be highlighted.

First off, whistleblowing is for you to be able to report CONFIDENTIALLY any malpractice you see within the workplace.It could be regarding the welfare of a patient or service user, it could be regarding health and safety issues.Whatever it is, it does need to be addressed.

I've used this myself in the past.Yes, it felt uncomfortable to do but for the safety of the service user it had to be done and I had to speak out.

I had a few issues with how a double up visit was going each time I was in there with a particular colleague.The use of hoist and equipment was very lax ed and as they seemed to always assume lead role I felt very inferior. However, I could no longer be a part of such bad practise. I could see it was only a matter of time and through this one persons action they were putting the service user,themselves and me at risk. I would speak up in visit but it didn't seem to have an effect. Ultimately, I found myself in the managers office having to write down all my concerns and issues.

It is a difficult decision to make but when the person you are working with doesn't listen, you have to do something.

I really thought it would get sorted. I had gone through the right procedures and felt ;naively; it would be dealt with appropriately. The outcome in time,was after 'them' having a chat with the other colleague, they would keep an eye on things!

How serious does a situation have to be for action to be taken. This was about the welfare of a service user, misuse of equipment and if need be, maybe I should have pulled up the GRIEVANCE policy.

Get the support you need from the right people.If you need to go higher up,do so.

It is sad but true, that in the caring world there are occasionally the odd one or two who do slip up and continue to do it. It is a shame, as more often than not its these cases that seem to make the news and it does put a dark cloud over the majority who do a fantastic and efficient job and as ever it goes unnoticed.

For all those concerned or in a similar situation, if you can find it within you, please do speak up or at least get it recorded so that someone somewhere will do something!


"Stand before the people you fear and speak your mind -- even if your voice shakes." Maggie Kuhn

Please take a look at the following link for direction about whistleblowing. As ever, always check your employers procedures.


  1. Whistleblowing has to be one the hardest things to do in the care industry. But to ensure the safety of those that are most vulnerable, it has to be done. Bad practice needs to be recognised and addressed, without whistleblowing, bad practice becomes a habit and continues until sometimes it is too late to act, and programme appears on TV, because someone finaly found the courage to speak up by whistleblowing.
    People should not be afraid to whistleblow, they need to know it is ok and not to be afraid.
    Thank you for putting this on your blog fluffy wings. It is a subject that leads on to so much more.

  2. Thank you for recognising the importance of whistleblowing. Yes , I totally agree it takes great courage to do.It is there to serve a purpose and it should be used more frequently when a situation arises.