Sunday, 10 June 2012

My friend, 'Bad Back.'

Its  well known that back injuries, among many others come hand in hand with being a carer. When it happens it is an instant turn around in your usual day to day routine.
There have been many back incidents during my time. Sadly, each time it happened, the recovery period got longer, the good times in between got shorter.Until eventually I was deemed unfit to do the job.

Hard news to swallow when you absolutely love the job you do and think you are set up for quite a few years. There is a period of recalling all those you have met and helped and the knowledge gained over time....what now??!! It is because of all of this, the Carers Coffee Pot has come to light. I have my Back to thank for it!

I would like to share with you how I eventually became friends with my Back.... Painkillers,anti-inflammatries,hot water bottle, tens machine, heat rub,physio,rest,sleep, bag of frozen peas.They have all played a part.But so has'acceptance'.

You see, when it first all kicked off  I was so angry. In my mind I was able to jump up and run around but my body didn't respond that way.I couldn't lift a kettle up for myself, I had to use walls and furniture to get about. I couldn't do my shopping because I couldn't drive let alone push a trolley up and down the aisle's. Then to add insult to injury I found I had a problem pulling my knickers up!!!!AAAArrrgh!!! Alot of negativity and can't do's! It had to change.

First off I decided to seperate from my back and its troubles...(keep with me) doing this I would take care of it better, give it time to recover and together work towards little goals and achievements. I accepted there was pain and restriction however, instead of the 'can't do's' they would become the 'can do's-but not how you would normally do it!!!'

Housework would be broken down to daily chores. Dusting one day, laundry the next etc. Shopping would be done daily-ish, it would involve a walk to the shop and only buy what I could carry, keeping it light.Cooking would be something quick and easy (but tasty!)and the washing up would be done with my foot resting on the bottom shelf of the cupboard under the sink, to help out with posture(still have trouble after being at the sink for ten minutes or more). In general I made sure everything was within reach to reduce any possibility of over stretching(still do that one too!)

By setting these tasks it meant I was at least moving (one way or another)and it gave me something to get up for each day, I had something to do! I would have a little chat with 'Back' each are you doing?...on scale of 1-10 whats the pain like today!

Of course, I had exercises to do from physio too.Sure enough, each time it worked.

Today,'Back' is as good as its going to get.There are limits in ability,but,if I sit down and swing my knickers over one foot the rest is sure to follow!!!

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