Thursday, 7 June 2012

Show me again!

You have gone on your manual handling training and done all the safety stuff and correct procedures. Signed all the relevant forms and helped yourself generously to the 'buffet' provided on the lunch break!

It doesn't stop there. Each service user is an individual, their needs are individual, their whole care package is individual.

You may have used a hoist many, many times but each persons level of mobility varies. This is why there is even more training you have to go to, so you can be 'signed off' and be put down as part of the team to carry out the care.

Very often it will take place of an afternoon after your morning visits and before t-time starts. You are usually starting to feel tired by now after your early morning start and just want to get home, BUT it is neccessary to get trained for a forthcoming visit.

My advice, make sure in the session you do actually have a go. Its worth it because (and it really does happen) when the time comes to do it for real, there is usually something that can be forgotten.

With all this in mind and advising the 'have ago' approach, I came across some video clips which I thought you might like to have a peek at. Even if it's to shout at the screen 'But we don't do it that way....where's your gloves!' at least it shows , you took onboard more than you thought in your training sessions. See, it is worth it and you are as good as you think.

Click on the 'How to...see how its done' at the top of the page. Enjoy.

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