Thursday, 21 June 2012


Its that time of the year when all around the country there are festivals, carnivals, 'major sporting events', etc taking place.

There are many individuals who have worked a long time and achieved personal goals through hard work,dedication and perseverance towards a lot of the events.

Its great to be a part of a country with so many celebrations going on. Its great to see vast amounts of people having fun and tourists seeing what we do best......Wait for it comes.......HOWEVER....(told you!)...

.... road closures, parking restrictions, it makes me wonder what provisions are put in place for the community care/support worker and others who have to continue their daily and very much needed visits to service users.

Are the provisions put in place 'acceptable'?  Is parking safe for evening visits? Have they addressed personal safety issues? Do you feel comfortable with it all?

If the nearest you can park to a visit is a good 10 minute walk away, will you 'realistically' be programmed enough time to park and walk, go into visit, walk back to the car, go onto the next visit, get caught up in extra traffic, take on extra visits because someones poorly(!) even though your workload is overflowing because of holiday cover and contend with whatever the weather will throw at you!!!!  A hard enough task if it's for a couple of days but it must be quite daunting for any events that are on for ...ooh...lets say
3-4 weeks !!!!

Many probably won't say anything to the right people because it can be awkward and half the time you know that no action will be done about it and as usual, your caring nature is taken advantage of as they know you will just do it anyway. (can't help but think of the word 'bully' here.)

So, to all of you  who will be caught up in this , stay strong and I hope there is plenty of support and understanding for the mammoth job you will have and the long hours you will do. I'm sure there will be enough supervisors( normally office based but told to work from home during this period )who will support their team and join in to help cover visits local to them. Its all about working together isn't it?  Dedication and perseverance to staff and service users.

Thank you in advance for your commitment.

Strongly advise you to take a look at the following link for personal safety tips while out and about.I think it will open your eyes.

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